Testing 1-2-3

Yesterdays Donington Park Official BSB Test marked the end of the preseason testing. Now all sights are set for Round 1 at Donington Park 31 March – 2 April.

Mason Law: “Talk about winter testing.. I flew home from Spain on the Sunday to complete Test number 3 at Snetterton the following day, It was cold and it was raining cats and dogs but all the same we had some different set-ups to try and come rain or shine we were there to do a job. This test concluded and we were happy with where we were at. 

I was extremely excited for the Official BSB Test at Donington Park, that was until i see the weather report!” Notoriously slippy in wet conditions Donington Park has acquired a name for itself as being one of the slickest circuits on the calendar ” nevertheless we had a plan and we stuck by it. Greeted by a damp and seriously cold track we knew that there was more to be lost than gained with the first race just around the corner. It was spoke about sitting out but a soon as the green light came on i was like a caged whippet wanting to run. There was a lot of mutual respect and trust within my team to allow me to go out or maybe they where just fed up of me barking “can i go out yet” haha.

We worked through our plan and ended the day combined 3rd place in the Superbikeclass so for this we can take pride in our work on a dismal day.

I enjoy riding my Stauff Connect Academy Ninja® ZX™-10RR a lot so with only a big shoutout to my team for all of their hard work over the winter months its time to prepare for Race 1!!”

Donington BSB test: Wednesday times and results:

1 24 SBK 1 Christian IDDON 1:49.461 3 1:42.674 9 1:58.919 8
2 67 SBK 2 Shane BYRNE 1:44.319 10 1:51.062 7 0 1.645 1.645
3 20 STK 1 Mason LAW 1:55.698 8 1:44.867 5 2:05.139 3 2.193 0.548
4 50 SBK 3 Sylvain GUINTOLI 1:46.325 6 1:51.900 4 1:52.302 21 3.651 1.458

Bikesport News

Team Principle Brent Gladwin added: “Donington’s official BSB test was always going to be interesting for GR Motosport as it’s the first time we have pitched our new riders and machines against others in our respective classes. Mason Law debuted the STAUFF Connect Academy Kawasaki ZX10RR in Superstock 1000 and stunned everyone by topping the time sheets, a great job by Mason and his crew – Now its time to go racing !!”


Donington Park 31 March – 2 April.